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From the Brand Events Department, we are in charge of bringing Esade Motor to life. Everything you can see, feel, touch and excites you is the result of intense work by this department.


Brand Events has the following mission: to shape and organize both quality and renowned events so that students and universities can enjoy an experience based on the world of motorsports pure and without barriers.


In collaboration with various brands and other large associations within the automotive sector, Brand Events stands out for its versatility and the ability of its members to obtain an optimal result for each objective.

Student Life

Our work, our passion, our motivation: for students by students

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E-Talks are a series of events dedicated not only to knowledge and the new wage. Talks fascinate.


As one of the most established pillar events in the association since 2017, Talks is in charge of connecting and creating understanding, competition and above all, it is about enjoying learning from the best. Great eminent figures have passed through the set of Esade Motor Talks, such as Ariadna Verges (Grupo Quadis), Josep Canut (Operating Treasurer of the SEAT group), Dani del Valle (Vertigo Motors) and great professors with many years of experience such as Josep Domenech.


From E-Talks we want to reinvent the modality of presentations, with new debates day after day and new issues from both the present and the past to convey a message: the world is not black and white, but for that, we have to give it colour.




From the Brand Events department, we have updated the true meaning of the Case Competition.


A case competition is an event where contestants compete to create the best solution to a business case study within the rules and guidelines set out by the organizer. Cases may be designed for individuals or teams, and contestants have to submit their work for judging. 


Focused on real problems, collaborating companies are in charge of proposing real issues that have been resolved or are to be resolved. Case competitions are the best way for both students and companies since they are responsible for creating a connection bridge to facilitate the acquisition of new talents.


At Esade Motor we consider ourselves an association based on a consulting model through which companies can have this type of event to focus on recruitment and attracting new solutions aimed at unresolved issues in the field of the automotive sector.


Case Competiton is in charge of moulding, training and offering more experience for students with a vision focused on the world of consulting.




Brand Promotion is a new series created especially by the Esade Motor Brand Events department.


From Brand Promotion, associations and students have the possibility of living new experiences through events created especially for this purpose.


Brand Promotion, unlike Collaborative Events, is especially focused on promoting events aimed specifically at Esade University students, so that students are the main focus and optimal target and not the general public.


Promoting the name and brand of Esade Motor in the automotive sector is a vital factor to give a facet to the world.


The work experience & philosophy that defines us at every step of the preocess



From Consulting Projects, Esade Motor is in charge of proposing solutions and carrying out outsourced consulting projects for companies and brands upon express request.


This is a way not only to gain experience but also offers the members of the association the opportunity to work in a sector that is expanding more every day together with professionals and big brands with the aim of learning and making themselves was known in an environment that We would no longer qualify as beta testing.


Consulting Projects expresses the true nature of Esade Motor for the coming years.

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Promoters & Organizers are set along the same lines as Brand Promotion but with a slight and subtle difference.


The events and promotions in collaboration with other companies and brands in the sector will be aimed at the open public. One more way to promote our "know-how" to the outside world is by creating experiences aimed at all the senses.


We are proud to announce that for this year 2022-23, Esade Motor will be the promoter and organizer of the Cars for Smiles event together with its incredible team that has made it possible to create so many smiles for so many boys and girls.


On the other hand, from Promoters & Organizers, we will focus on the pure aspect of the show and the automotive experience so as not to disappoint those less interested in the technical aspects of the sector.


We will see new things arise with the creation of our main brand event: Quarter Mile.




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