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Automotive events bring Esade Motor to life. We shape and organize quality and renowned events for university students and young car passionates. In collaboration with leading companies and other associations, we coordinate events focused on networking, leisure, learning, driving and social impact.

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These are networking events dedicated to expanding knowledge about specific areas and ensuring talent promotion.


In this event format, CEOs from the automotive industry join us teaching excellent masterclasses. Our partners are thrilled to share their career advice with our network during our events.



At Esade Motor we enjoy the business side of cars as much as we enjoy having fun around them. This is the reason why some of our events are leisure-focused. 

During these special occasions, we gather students willing to enjoy the car industry in diverse situations, from Karting Grand Prizes to museum visits or field trips. Esade Motor members, university students and partners are always welcome to join these events in their recurrent great success.




Esade Motor also offers their members and network the possibility to learn from the industry leaders and build a career in the sector.

Through learning events such as case competitions or debate sessions, participants can work together with professionals with the aim of improving their performance and learning-by-doing. Furthermore, under special circumstances, the Esade Motor team is carrying out outsourced consulting projects for companies and brands upon express request.



As car passionates, we love driving. Consequently, we organize driving meetups where we can share our passion while enjoying a drive together.

Our partners take part of these events as well, offering our network the possibility to join us in test-drive journeys with brands as Tesla or Cupra. Furthermore, we enjoy creating rally experiences around the most wonderful roads in Catalonia, which are accompanied by a great lunch and company.




With our strong company culture in mind, we wish to create an impact through the automotive sector. We do this by funding charity organizations and creating car-related events that can help those in need.

For more information on this topic, we recommend you to visit our exclusive page on social impact.


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