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Desde un primer punto de vista, Esade Motor es conocida por ser una asociación estudiantil dentro de un marco universitario adjunto a ESADE. Pero la realidad tiene dos fotogramas. Esade Motor comparte su estatus de asociación con otro marco de realidad; somos una Organización sin Ánimo de Lucro y muy pronto; una Join Venture


Brand Promotion

Intensive promotion of both the brand and its different events can be organized through express collaboration or brand events.

The intensive promotion also gives you the right to use your advertising in the different spaces where Esade Motor works; Pedralbes-Barcelona campus and Sant Cugat del Vallés campus

Fiscal & Corporate benefits

By collaborating with us, tax and corporate incentives may be received to encourage long-term collaboration.


Tax deductions for making donations are included in article 19 of Law 49/2002 on Patronage.

One of the tax benefits of the special tax regime for non-profit entities consists of the exemption in the IS18 of a series of income derived from the income that constitutes their basic financing (donations, fees from their associates and subsidies), from their assets furniture and real estate, acquisitions or transfers of assets or rights and certain economic operations (provision of social, health, scientific research and technological development, cultural, artistic, educational, sports, etc.), as long as they are developed in compliance of its object or specific purpose, the auxiliary or complementary economic operations of the exempt ones, as well as those of little economic relevance, understanding as such those whose net amount of turnover for the year does not exceed 20,000 euros as a whole. 


In addition, the special regime includes another tax benefit, consisting of the tax base that corresponds to the development of non-exempt economic activities is subject to the reduced tax rate19 of 10%.



By forming and collaborating with Esade Motor, you will have in the palm of your hand a new network of contacts that extends into different lines.


Thanks to promotional events and our scouts, you can ask for connections from different fields to solve any problem, doubt or project.


Do you need any particular contact? Esade Motor will find it for you.

Long Term


Nothing is a sporadic relationship. At Esade Motor we have a very clear and notable work philosophy: relationships are made to last and can be squeezed to the fullest.


We believe in the power of trust and creating new things day after day and we do not intend to embark on this journey alone. Esade Motor is committed to helping and providing support in every way possible so that the brand/company and association merge into one and can give the best of themselves to their potential targets.

Exclusive Benefits

As an Esade Motor collaborator, you will have access to exclusive benefits, such as invitations to events in collaboration with other renowned associations and brands, sporadic advertising, invitations to give talks in the speaker corners and much more.

Talent recruitment

Thanks to the case competitions, the talks and the organization of events and consulting projects, you will have access to different groups of students; both internal and external.


Whether or not you are an organizer, you will have the right to be present upon request at any of the events organized on the two campuses. On the other hand, each company and brand will be able to request interviews, and exchanges and offer possibilities to attract young, effective and quality talent.



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